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Alright, well, it's 12:35am as I'm writing this and to be honest, I'm a little cranky.
But that makes it all the more better to rant about something I hate and wish would end.
Art theft.
How damn hard is it to MAKE YOUR OWN ART!?
I have been randomly searching up stuff for the past hour, just having a good time looking through art that people have done. And what do I find? A shit load of plagiarized art. I mean, from what I know, none of my art has ever been stolen, and I sure hope it hasn't, but it still makes me mad to think that people think they can just get away with stealing another persons hard work and taking credit for something that is not theirs.
How can that bring them pride? They didn't make it, so how can they feel proud of something they know they didn't do? I mean, come on.
I don't think some people realize how much this hurts everyone. First of all, you're hurting the original creator of the product by stealing something they made. They have to sit by, almost helplessly, as they watch someone leach attention and praise off of something they worked hard to accomplish.
Secondly, you're hurting yourself. Not only will you be hunted down and ripped apart verbally by many of that artists' friends and admirers, but you are also in no way improving your skills as an artist. By stealing someones art, you are not putting effort into creating your OWN style or figuring out where your fortes in art will be. You are just hindering yourself down to become a slimy, internet rat that draws over the lines of others.
And lastly, you're also hurting others around you. Take line art for example. If you copy someone's line art and give it away to others to use, telling them it's yours and that they must give credit to you, they will get a great deal of negative feedback as well. Because of your inconsideration, you've turned this possibly innocent person into another suspect of the theft and they may not even know WHY they are being accused of things like that.
All in all, art theft hurts everyone, including the thief, so why do it? Why cause unneeded drama over something that could be so easily resolved and avoided?
All I'm saying is that people should focus on improving their skills more than the attention their work brings them. Yes, it's rewarding to have people congratulating you on your art and the creations you've made, but it's not the same and never will be if the art isn't actually yours. If you choose the right path, you will end up with many kind people throwing in helpful pointers and tips that will help you improve your skills, instead of mobs of angry people who want nothing more than to break you down till you no longer exist on the internet.
Think to yourself, before you steal something, "Is this really worth it? Am I ready to deal with the rage and anger this will bring when I'm caught?"

Be nice, guys. Make your OWN art. Be proud of what you can do. Don't settle for something else that isn't yours; you wouldn't want someone to do that to you, right?
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Hey guys!
My name is Gillian (sounds like Jillian, you'd be surprised to know how many people mess that up). I live in Canada on a small acreage in Alberta. I personally hate Alberta, so I'd like to move to British Colombia or perhaps somewhere in the US when I'm older.
I've got a family of five (including myself) and am the oldest of three kids.
I hope to some day get a well-paying job in the medical field for animals and hopefully do some art on the side.
Music is a big part of my life and I can never pick a favorite singer/band or song because I like so many different genres of music.
My email is

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